Sunday, October 16, 2011

Comicon 2011 Day 4

The Con is done, as is the New York Film Festival.

The continuing stay of my dad in the hospital had me out the door early to stop by the hospital before heading out to the Manhattan (not to worry it's simply a matter of regulating his meds). Because I hit every single light on my way to the train station I missed the train I needed to take to see the Wim Wenders talk at the NYFF. I then headed over to the Javitts Center to find it over run with people...

I say this because the crowd was certainly larger than in years past and it seemed to be made up of a different sort of group of people. It wasn't your typical comic geek, but all sorts of people.

Again I had trouble getting into panels...with anyone I tried to get into being too full to be let in. Randi arrived late in the game and we tried to get to the Jim Henson panel about 35 minutes early only to be told that the panel was full and that we could hang around if we wanted to see if there was room...

We opted to wander about instead.

Right when I got in I met up with Mondocurry who has tired with his hum drum existence and has now taken to wearing a Luche Libra mask. I think he's planning on doing so from now on... All kidding aside apparently he was a big hit with the mask with many people stopping to ask him where he got it.

I know you're probably wondering what this has to do with movies-after all this is a film blog. Well actually plenty in that I scarfed up several books and numerous DVDs of films I was looking for, and a few I wasn't. I picked up a film called Stitched by comic creator Garth Ennis, an animated film called a A Mouse and his Child, a special edition of the Thief and the Cobbler that I have been looking for not to mention a few other goodies which will no doubt end up here on Unseen Films. Trust me there are a few things I found that odds are you haven't heard of or you may have forgotten.

When it was done I helped break my brother's booth down and carry out his stuff. There is a long post about what it was like in and around the Creatures of Delight booth during comicon, some of which involving famous animators and artists but I wasn't there so I shouldn't be the one to tell it. Just know the reaction was great and if all goes well things will be very cool.

I should like to take a moment to say that the people running the convention and the Javitts Center were all quite great. Based upon the experiences I had, and what was reported to me, they were a real pleasure to deal with. Actually with a few exceptions on the part of a few whacked out attendees everyone was great. I guess you can't bring 90,000 people together with out a nut job or two getting in.

I had a blast and assuming I'm still in New York next year I'm planning on going again.

For those looking for a more detailed report on panels and such, I'm told Mondocurry has is working on a report or two for your pleasure.

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