Saturday, January 18, 2014

Dawn (2014) Sundance 2014

Rose McGowan's poisoned confection is, in it's way deeply disturbing. It's not so much the saccharine portrayal of  1950's sensibilities, rather it's the way McGowan juxtaposes it with our modern day expectations...

The plot of this 17 minute film has the title character becoming enamored of  the hunky guy who works at the gas station. Her mom warns her of the danger but she presses on, especially after he appears at her window one night. Deeply smitten she ends up inviting her objection of desire and his friends over when her parents go away. Things do not go as she planned.

Opening with a sequence that spells foreboding the film then flashes back to the start of the tale. The small little peek ahead is just enough to set our nerves jangling with every innocent line now weighed with dread.

You'll forgive me for not saying to much about the story but since this is a film that builds to it's ending I don't want to say too much. I will say that the end had me staring at the screen while the end credits rolled.

As a film there are some good things and bad. The bad things mostly involve the cast which is very uneven. I don't know how much the young cast has done but they are very uneven from merely adequate to good.

The good is definitely Rose McGowan's ability to put the film together, say what you feel about most of the film, I'm sure that by the time the end credits roll you'll be like me sitting slack jawed and staring at the screen. This is a film that's all in the ending and  McGowan manages to overcome everything and punch you in the face. I can't wait to see what she does with a feature.

Definitely worth searching out.

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