Sunday, January 19, 2014

Nightcap 1/19/14- if you want to say something stupid sign your name

A couple of tidbits tonight.

You may have noticed that our small attempt at covering films at Sundance has begun. It looks like our coverage is going to be a tad larger than last year (we did one film) but not as large as I had hoped (the arm twisting failed). Sadly it looks like the sum total of our coverage is only going to be a few short films. I had hoped to talk someone into reporting for us from on the ground but that kind of fell apart and an offer to cover a couple films in advance came a time when no one could cover. I’m still working on getting more coverage so hopefully we’ll get some reports from on the ground.
If you hadn’t seen earlier in the week the man known as Frank Grimes posted a piece on the extreme similarities between the first Saw film and a film called Den from 3 years earlier. Mixing a review of the film, and interview with Den’s director Greg Arce and some documents it puts forth the possibility that the creators of Saw may have “borrowed” a great deal from the earlier film. (The piece can be found here.)

The piece generated a great deal of discussion in several corners of the internet (The Geek World podcast discussion can be found here) and spiked our web traffic. The reason I’m mentioning this is that despite all of the traffic to the site there was only a single comment on the piece posted here at Unseen, however don’t look for the comment, I deleted it.

 The reason I deleted the post was twofold. First while the comment was largely a valid statement that most things can be seen to variations of earlier things, it ended with rude name calling including “you whining loser”. I have no problem with people acting like five year olds and I would have been more than willing to allow the comment to post except for one thing- the comment was anonymous.

As many of you no doubt know I am more than willing to post anonymous comments- the blog is full of them- I am however against infantile comments that people won’t stand behind. There is a reason, beyond controlling spam that the comments here are monitored and that's to try and prevent the site from becoming like many other film sites where trolls behave badly and hide in the shadows. There is no hiding.  Everyone here at Unseen signs their name to what we write and we stand behind it. You know who says it. If you don't like something you know who to take offense with. We give you that courtesy, all we ask is that if you want to make a comment  that's infantile and childish sign your name so we know who to direct our replies to.
For the family--
The New York International Children's Film Festival has quietly revealed soome of their titles for this year. Details can be found here

And the BAM Kids Fest tickets are on sale. Tickets and info here..
And now some links from Shelly T Otter's best friend Randi.

Interrogating a muppet
How we saw the world of today 50 years ago
Frozen-expectations vs reality
The John Schneider photoshoot
Bill Murray talks
This week some random titles. Starting next Saturday nine days of Chinese Films for Chinese New Year which leads into Zatoichi month.

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