Friday, January 24, 2014

Horror Capsules- Battle Dogs, Under the Bed, Black Waters of Echo's Pond

Once you get past the groaner opening and the premise that people are turning into wolves when they get agitated, the film about an out break of a werewolf disease (its the military's fault) is actually pretty good.  High art it's not but it it has a high quality cast that includes Craig Sheefer, Dennis Haysbert, Ernie Hudson and Wes Studi.  This is the sort of thing that SYFY would run as an original, except this is much better than their usual fare.

On an island off the Maine coast a bunch of friends decide to forgo TV and instead decide to play a game they found stashed in the basement. Unfortunately for them it was a game found on an archaeological dig in Turkey and was a game used to entertain demons. While the plot is a sort of been here done that,  it's done well enough here that you really won't mind going over well worn ground. Don't ask me why it works, perhaps a good cast  or perhaps its a scriptt hat tries a little harder, but what ever the reason it's just the perfect film for a night on the couch.

Teen returns from the psyche ward after a tragedy that killed his mother. No one will of course believe the monster under the bed was responsible. Unfortunately his brother is now the monsters target and the pair have to make a stand- only everyone thinks they're crazy. Typical story told atypically puts the focus on the teens an their sense of alienation from the world. No one seems to understand and the sense of dread and foreboding that fills the story comes from a slow build. When all hell finally breaks loose its  too late for many of the characters. I suspect the low rating on IMDB is due to a low blood and gore quotient until the last 15 minutes. If you'll go with it you'll be greatly rewarded.

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