Thursday, January 9, 2014

Otelo Burning (2011)

True story of several friends who found escape from Apartheid in surfing. Unfortunately while thre is hope the evil spectre of the foul institution that separated black from white is lurking.

Wonderful film is exactly the sort of thing that Unseen Films was set up to highlight. This is a small scale gem of a film. This is the sort of a film that will play better the less you know about the twists and turns of the plot

The thing that I love about this film is that it all feels real. Watching the film you get this wonderful sense that you are watching events transpire right before you. This is due in no small part to the ensemble cast of actors who seem to be living the story instead of acting it. The performances are so good you wonder why more actors can't be this natural.

This is a wonderful little film and you really should make some effort to try and see it.

OTELO BURNING makes its digital premiere on January 14, 2014 on iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Microsoft Xbox, Sony Entertainment Network, SundanceNOW, VUDU and YouTube. The film is available for pre-order through Sundance Institute’s Now Playing page, as a result of the partnership between Sundance Institute and IFP, who release several of their alumni films a year through this collaboration.

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