Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Girl Walk//All Day Take 2

New Year’s day and while most people look ahead I have to look back at one of my favorite films ever. If we need to start the new year on good foot I’ll start it with a great movie.

Back in 2012, thanks to Mr C I ended up covering the Korean American Film Festival New York (KAFFNY) where I was made aware of Girl Walk//All Day. The film is a dance film that is choreographed to Girl Talk’s All Day album. The link we were given was to the film’s website where the film is viewable in multiple parts on You Tube. I fell in love with the film and then began send the link to anyone and everyone who I thought would like the film. I went out of my way to arrange an interview of sorts with the director. I liked it so much that I bought a ticket to see the film at the festival screening where it was it was going to screen at the White Box Gallery in the Lower East Side of NYC.

Seeing the film complete with no breaks with pretty much the entire audience dancing was a revelation. I knew the film was good, I just didn’t know how good.

It was a feeling that was intensified when I saw the film on DVD at home.

Yea its great in parts-yea it’s a great happening film- but what most people don’t realize is that it’s a great film on it’s own terms.

I should point out that over the course of the last year and a half I’ve probably seen the film about 70 times. Yes 70.

Anytime I feel a little down or need a pick me up I take an hour plus and pop the film in and instantly I feel better. There is something about the joy in the film, the joy of dancing, of music, of doing what one loves despite being pushed aside, as the girl frequently, that brings me to a happy place.

I think the reason the film works is the marriage of music and image. I've seen sections of the film with the sound off and it looks really strange. On the other hand turn on the music and it's pure magic. Likewise the music is a wonderful long mash up of songs, and as good as it is its lifted up by the addition of the film.  The music is no longer just random songs linked together but the story of three people's lives as the come together and apart and dance their way across New York City.

I am in awe of this film. How can a film I've seen so many times, and know so well move me with each viewing. I've never been moved by any movie after every screening, the way I am moved, nay lifted by this film. More amazingly how is it that a film I know so well reveals things in each viewing. Little bits of interaction, background details even plot details all pop out in each go through.

No the film isn't perfect. For one thing the way the film bounces back and forth through the city isn't logical, then again 99% of the people seeing the film never would notice. There are also weird background things as people run from the camera, which is understandable since the film was done on the sly and without permits as the ejection from Yankee stadium reveals.

This is a magic film.

This is probably as close to pure cinema, pure emotion on film as I have ever experienced.

I love this film without question and with out reservation.

It is perhaps my favorite film of all time.


  1. Thanks for telling me about this film. I watched it in parts today and was absolutely charmed. This is why I like reading this site

  2. Thanks so much for telling about this movie. While stuck in due to snow today, I watched it in parts, and I was charmed throughout. What a hell of a thing. Thank you. This is why I like reading this site