Sunday, January 19, 2014

dante 01

A non-verbal prisoner, Saint Georges is brought to a psychological research station called Dante 01 because it is in orbit around a planet called Dante. The prisoner was found in all alone in a deep space transport. It is hoped that the facility and its clearance for new treatments will unlock Saint Georges' secrets.

This is a science fiction film that mixes science horror and religion into a visually stunning treat. In all honesty I'm not sure what the film means, or is suppose to mean but I think the film somehow works on some level. I think the films success is mostly as a grand mystery that carries the viewer along to the end because it spins out enough questions we want to know the answers to. Is it successful, not entirely. Certainly the religious allegory (one need only look at the names to see it St Georges, Moloch, Perséphone, Buddha, Charon) is painfully obvious and over worked which makes an ending that is both clear and unclear. The film also seems to be keeping a little bit too much to itself and I wasn't always certain what was what. But at the same time I really like this movie. It wasn't completely the same old thing, or perhaps even if it was the film looked stunning enough that I really didn't mind.

Personally I think the film is worth trying. It may not float your boat but at the same time I think there will be enough inside it to make you feel you didn't waste the money for a rental or your time.

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