Saturday, March 29, 2014

Nightcap Extra 3/19/14: random bits

Because the night cap piece I’m putting up tomorrow doesn’t lend itself to having additional bits attached to it I’m just posting a quick piece with a couple of bits and Randi’s links

If you’re tired of Festival coverage you’ll be happy to know that this week is going to be a whole bunch of non-festival films. Some of the reviews have been kicking around a while as a result of us wading more and more in festival coverage. After the off week fortunately or unfortunately we’ll be wading back into festival coverage with some pieces on films playing Art of the Real at Lincoln Center. Our coverage is going to be a little odd because of how it all came together and some problems that were encountered along the way. After that we’ll be running three weeks of Tribeca coverage.

Our Tribeca coverage is well underway. As this posts I should be about 8 films deep into the festival. That should leave another 80 or 90 to go. We’re still working out coverage with everyone so I have no idea how many films/events ect we’ll end up with. I’ll let you know closer to time.

Just a heads up- over the last couple of weeks I’ve been watching a lot of short films many of them have been super. In the interest of highlighting the form I’m going to be running a whole month of short films as the films of the day come August. The write ups will feature films available on line or screening at festivals.

I know August is long way off but I still have about ten slots to fill. Since I tend to watch the shorts in between other things I see them in spurts. I figure I should have enough titles to fill out the month by then- if I get it done sooner I’ll run it sooner. (It’s not the run time of the film that’s the problem, the problem is that writing up short films is difficult since you don’t want to spoil the compact nature of the tale)

If you have any short suggestions let me know

And we're ending , as always with some links ala Randi
Help Catch 22 get made
A tribute to the actual Great Escape
Lost footage from Ralph Bakshi's Lord of the Rings has surfaced
Radiolab on The War of the Worlds
On the Ecuadorian War of the Worlds that left 6 or 7 people dead
The BBC's 10 Greatest Movies Never Made
Banned Films and the Box Office

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