Sunday, March 9, 2014

NYICFF Day 3- Lots of shorts

This is just quick word on the short film collections at NYICFF that I saw today. Reviews are coming of everything, but since there are about 40 shorts it's going to take a while (look for the reviews Wednesday Thursday and Friday)

HEEBIE JEEBIES is a very mixed.  Some of the films are just okay. the Oscar nominated Feral vexes me as to why it was nominated. On the other hand Cornea freaked the kids out big time with several kids talking about now having nightmares. The double twist of Bird Food was welcome. Slight of Hand was also really cool.

SHORTS ONE is the most consistent of the collections I saw.There isn'rt a bad one in the bunch with a couple of classics included. The Town Called Panic Christmas Log is just bent, damn funny, but really bent.

SHORTS  TWO has the Oscar winner Mr Hublot and I can't for the life of me think why it won. Outside of the look its not very good. Lots to discuss about the films when I do full write ups but the shorts Unlocking the Truth and Dam Keeper are near the top of the best films I've seen of any length in 2014.

The collections are getting lots of play and worth the effort to go.

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