Monday, March 10, 2014

FOOSBALL (2013) New York International Children's Film Festival 2014

A huge hit in Argentina, this should, with the right voice cast, be a huge hit in the US as well.

FOOSBALL tells the story of a town threatened by one of their own, a soccer star who want to avenge his only loss at anything, namely a game of foosball. It all happened when he was a kid but he can't stand not being perfect.  He buys the town and plans to destroy it. Its up to the guy who beat him and the tiny soccer players from the foosball table who have come to life to stop the destruction and save the town.

Wickedly funny in all the right ways, this film works because the script is so damn good. Okay yes the visuals are amazing (I want to see this in 3D), but at the same time the script has great plotting, funny lines, and a huge cast of characters all of who stand out. Its very rare to see this many rounded characters in any film, never mind an animated one. You care for every one of the good guys and hate the bad ones.

Best of all the script doesn't talk down to the audience, it plays it straight with the result that when the big showdown came both the adults and the kids were cheering loudly.

A must see on either March 15 or 29

Lets hope this gets a US release- especially in 3D. One of the finds if not one of the best films of the year.

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