Sunday, March 16, 2014

Brief word on Mother I Love You (2013) New York International Children's Film Festival 2014

Raimonds is 12 year old living with his doctor mother. An incident with a girl at school causes him to cover up things with his mom. Things ripple out from there and Raimonds is set on the road to making more bad choices, going out late, breaking into apartments, that spiral more and more out of control.

Solid drama, with a kick ass score, this is a film that gets what it feels like to be a kid right. Or  as right as I can remember back all those years ago.  I like that there are no easy answers, that things don't play out as if they were cliche. I like that we see how a good kid's bad choices can make him seem bad.

Thank you to the festival for showing it because if they hadn't done so I never would have seen it.

Playing next weekend and the following weekend at sold out shows but keep an eye on the website in case more tickets are released or if you're daring check the theater on either the 22nd or 29th to see if tickets were turned in. Definitely worth your time.

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