Friday, March 7, 2014

Again The Ringer (1965)

In the original German version of the film Klaus Kinski literally begins the film rising up out of a coffin (see below). Its a ghoulish little treat that sets the whole mood for what follows.

A rare sequel with in the German Wallace series, this film picks up where The Ringer (The Mysterious Magician in it's US release)  left off. The film is set in motion when a series of murders are committed and blamed on The Ringer.He of course had nothing to do with it and get more than a little annoyed at being blamed. He then returns to England in order to exact revenge on those who framed him.

A solid entry in the series the film balances the comedy and mystery that were the typical mix of the series with a great deal of success.  While not completely mysterious, the Ringer was revealed in the previous film, things move along at a good clip and hold your interest all the way to the end.

Definitely worth tracking down.
Kinski rises from the dead in the opening cut from most prints

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