Thursday, March 20, 2014

Stop the Pounding Heart (2013) New Directors New Films 2014

In Texas a young Christian woman named Sara goes through her daily life with her family and their business. At the same time we see Colby a young man about Sara's age who wants to ride bulls.

Slice of life film is an interesting examination of  life and faith seems to be a documentary thanks to the cast all being non-actors essentially playing themselves. Its a film that you kind of fall into and get dragged along with. I say this as a person who really didn't want to see this film and only did so when one of the films at a press screening I attended got switched. I was largely pleasantly surprised.

I really can't say anything bad about the film other than I don't know why we get the dual stories. While Sara and Colby cross each other's paths with in the story I don't know why we focus on both. I would have just been happy to follow one. The speculation in the post screening discussion between writers was that perhaps it was a compare and contrast between the flavors of Christianity, but I don't really buy it since Colby is much to secular for a comparison.

Worth a look.

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