Friday, March 14, 2014

NYICFF 2014: Shorts One

The best collection of shorts I've seen at the festival so far is highly recommended.

A Town Called Panic: The Christmas Log
Half hour long sequel to A Town Called Panic is just damn funny. The plot has Cowboy and Indian waiting for Santa and then blowing the being good thing on Christmas Eve. I have no idea what drugs the filmmakers are on but we have to keep giving it to them since they come up with such great things like this.

The Centipede and the Toad
Weakest film in the collection is still really good. Its about the meeting of the two titled characters and how thinking too much can be bad.

Wonderfully funny film about the revenge gotten by a bunch of boys told not to swim in the river by ferrymen. Its a small scale delight which only is flawed by the non-actors being uneven.

Borrowed Light
Absolute charmer about a boy who steals all the light bulbs in the city. The pay off will make you smile from ear to ear. One of the best in the collection and the festival. (I posted the Vimeo link yesterday to this film)

Sea Legs
Sailor returns to dry land and has a hard time getting to a girl in a building. A good film up until the denouncement which is a huge WTF. Still its great fun up till then.

The Mole at Sea
Mole goes to the seaside. Funny film that makes you wonder why we go to the beach with everyone else.

The New Species
One of the best of the fest. Three kids find a bone and wonder what it is...I dare not say more lest I spoil it and it's charms. I will say that the real end comes during the end credits which makes the slight deflation before that worth it. A real joy.

Technical marvel is really cool mix of live action and animation will have you wondering how it was done as everything is used as material for animation. How some of it was done eludes me since the shadows never move. That means nothing to you but if you see this film watch the background details and be amazed. On top of the technical slight of hand it's just really good.

Big Block Sing-Song: Hair
Two minute song by a block about hair. It's running before some of the features and gets funnier each time I see it. A small gem.

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