Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Exorcismus (aka La posesión de Emma Evans) (2010)

Young girl who is being home schooled suddenly shows signs of being mentally unbalanced. As time goes on her unbalanced nature turns much worse and it isn't long before there is fear that the girl is possessed.

Spanish horror film made in English and set in England is not your typical possession movie. Other than the odd moment, much of the film goes by with the very real possibility Emma may very well have something wrong with her. When the film turns darker and it's clear that it's not simple medical explanation the film amps everything up with out relying on today's typical blood and guts.

Filmed in a style that looks like your recent typical English slice of life or documentary films, the film gets great mileage from constructing a family and set of connected characters that seem very real. On some level they are probably only movie real, but they are real enough that you care enough about them that when things go bad, as they do by increasing turns things are often shocking and painful.

The films low key style may not sit well with some audiences who have grown up on loud noises and gallons of blood, but I liked it despite several logic bumps in the story.

It's a good little film that is very much worth taking a look at. It may not be a home run, but considering that the film tries to do thing differently it's worth the time to take a look.

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