Friday, June 17, 2011

Terror in the Jungle (1968)

Oh lord what hath the makers of this film wrought....You will not believe this film, even after you see it.

The plot of the film has a father put his son on a plane for Rio to live with his mother who has moved there because mom and dad are divorcing. Onto the plane come, a movie star recently acquitted of killing her husband, two nuns transporting a coffin, a big breasted starlet heading for a role in a musical, also a mop topped musical trio.

As the plane heads into a storm the passengers dance to a non-synced song by the trio. Unfortunately the plane doesn't have enough fuel (a re-occurring theme in this film) and the plane crash lands in a river or lake...or at least a toy plane does. As the plane begins to sink the surviving passengers leap into the water...and are attacked by swarming the crew throws more people to their deaths one woman remarks "This is kind of like going to the gas chambers isn't it?" (Yea I know that's poor taste but it's what she says.) The crew then sets the boy adrift in a makeshift boat (remember the coffin? They open it and let the body of a nun fall out).

All alone (the plane explodes instead of sinks) the boy cries until he's picked up by natives.

You will not believe what happens in this film. I saw it and I don't believe it. Bad costumes, bad wigs, bad dancing, bad music, bad acting, bad travel footage of Peru.

What were they thinking?

Who needs drugs?

This film is laughably awful. As I said this is a bad bad movie that's fun in its awfulness.

If you like BAD movies I can't recommend this movie enough. This is a film that Cinematic Titanic or Riff Trax really need to do. Actually forget them, get some friends, some drinks and snacks and do it yourself.

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  1. Hi, and allow me to blow you minds further.

    There is a second / later version of this movie that has a bespectacled Torgo-esque pedophile edited in who appear to chase the kid around the jungle for a while.

    A version even funnier than the original. It will blow your mind!

    If it ever turns up.

    My sister and I made a point of catching it whenever it was re-shown on the WLS 3 o'clock movie in Chicago.

    I think it was entitled Amazon Terror.