Monday, June 13, 2011

NYAFF Schedule!!!!

It's here. Subway Cinema has posted the schedule for the tenth edition of the New York Asian Film Festival, complete with information on pricing and guest appearances.

Check it out here

There is a lot to take in. For the most part, screenings seem pretty evenly spread throughout the two week long fest, so if you miss a film one day, there's a good chance of picking it up another day in the festival.

Some of the retro movies, like Battle Royale, are only being screened once.

The guests are pretty heavily stacked near the final few days of the festival, when Tsui Hark will represent the Wu Xia movement and THREE Korean directors will be on hand to represent Korea's current movement in tense, violent cinema.

The opening weekend is also pretty heavily stacked with the first film, the hard to define SELL OUT from Malaysia, being screened with director and actor on hand, the first look at Sushi Typhoon's release, KARATE-ROBO ZABORGAR, and an unbeatable lineup of late night grindhouse madness.

Start getting excited and stay tuned!

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