Friday, June 3, 2011

Brennus, Enemy Of Rome (1963) (aka Battle Of The Valiant)

Brennus of Gaul moves on Rome in 391 BC. Unfortunately the one man who can save the empire has been dismissed and wants nothing to do with it. Three brothers are dispatched to try to make peace and then...

Brennus, a stone faced golem of a man, was a real individual. Here, played by Gordon Mitchell, he is a frightening monster of a villain. At last here is a bad guy who is the worthy equal to the type of hero that walks through movies like this.

Amazingly this film is wonderfully plot heavy. More goes on in the first half hour than most two films of this kind combined. You watch the movie because what is happening is interesting, not because you're waiting for the next silly bit.

If this should come on some late night, watch it, it'll hold your interest enough to keep you up until dawn.

I picked this up from Sinister Cinema.

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