Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tuesday is Free Movie Night at the Tribeca Cinemas

You guys know the drill. If you are in New York Tuesday Night they will be screening the Korean film Vegetarian at the Tribeca Cinemas down near Canal Street.

This weeks film concerns a woman who develops an allergy/aversion to meet to the point she can't stand even being in the same room with a person who has eaten meat. Grady Hendrix from the New York Asian Film Festival has compared it to the film Safe with Julianne Moore.

I won't be attending the film, however Mondocurry has seen the film and he'll be post a review later on tonight.

As always the doors open at about 630 and the film starts at 7.

(The one after this is on the 21st and is Cafe Noir. Its a herculean film that will strike some people as trash and others as wonderful. It's also very long running almost three and a half hours. I've seen the film and while a full review will be going up in two weeks, I recommend it for anyone who is willing to go with a very long film that is very heady and challenging)
For those wondering where I'm going to be Tuesday night, I'll be dealing with the fall out of the Brooklyn Film Festival which is now running in several locations. I'm attending five shows over two nights (Tomorrow and Thursday) and in order to do that I had to move things around, hence my non attendance at the Vegetarian.

Tickets are still on sale and there is a free screening Thursday night.Details can be found here.

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