Thursday, June 16, 2011

Adventures at the Center of the Earth

When a couple falls down a deep hole while on a tour of some caves, they are attacked by some sort of creature. The man is killed by a a mysterious hand (aka a rubber glove), the woman is traumatized. An expedition is put together to go back into the cave to investigate. When they get deep underground they find all sorts of neat monsters.

I like this film a great deal. There are so many little treats in the film its hard not to like it.

The sequence where the team looks at some footage of cheezy dinosaurs is worth the price of admission alone. It runs maybe two minutes but is so laughably awful that the fact it isn't better known is proof that there is no justice in the world. In fairness I recognized some of the shots used but not all, and while its all probably reused footage the fact that its all in one place that makes it so much damn fun.

Adding to the fun are the cave creatures the cyclopian nasties, bat men and giant spiders are the stuff of nightmares. These are ugly little creatures....Its a monster lovers delight.

For all this talk of silliness and cheesy turns the film is also strangely creepy. Rubber bats aside, there is something disturbing about the various monsters and what happens when the group gets a good distance underground that the film left me feeling very uneasy. I had to put on another film so I could clear my head before bed.

I'm not sure why I never ran across this film until I recently picked it up from a collector, but now that I have I've discovered a new favorite of mine. If you can find a copy of this film I highly recommend it.

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