Sunday, June 26, 2011

NYAFF: Troubleshooter (2010)

Kang Tae-Sik (Kyung-gu Sol) is an ex-cop turned private eye. He's very good at what he does. When a simple job to photograph love birds turns into a frame up- a women is dead (killed by a psycho he sent away several years earlier)and the police are crashing in- our hero finds himself on the run the and forced to do a special job for the man on the other end of a cellphone.

This is my pick of the first real must see popcorn film of the NYAFF.

It's fast, it's breezy and it just moves like the wind.

Sure you've seen a version a thousand times before, but as with 900 of those thousand time, who the hell cares when the you're having fun. Actually this is towards the upper end of the good scale and I'm definitely adding this to my collection- I can not wait to show this to my dad-that's a rave folks.

I know the mere fact that this is an action film is going to put butts in seats but truth of the matter is that this film that probably isn't going to get the publicity it should with all of the other big action films at the festival. It should but it's not. This is a neat little thriller of the sort that needs to have tickets pressed into the hands of the right audience to make this a mega-hit.

Consider this my pressing a ticket into your hand.

Go see this.

Just keep mind this isn't going to be your big OH WOW film of the festival, this is going to be the one you curl up with a big bag of popcorn and a big soda and just go with it. Its the sort of a movie you wander into on a hot afternoon to get out of the heat and discover a small little favorite. (I'm sure it's one that you'll end up having as a comfort film that you'd watch every time you ran across it on cable-if it ever plays cable)

How good is the film?

When it was done I wanted to start the film all over again just as soon as I made a few phone calls to tell people to buy tickets.

Go get tickets NOW!

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