Friday, January 6, 2012

Meet the Feebles (1989)

Words kind of fail me…

For almost any other director a movie like Meet the Feebles would be the skeleton in their closet but for Oscar Winner Peter Jackson it’s just one stop on his way to the gold statue.

Feebles is a huge WTF film by anyone’s standards. Essentially a backstage show biz story told with absolutely no good taste and very little decorum, this is what would the Muppet Show would have been like if it was aimed at adults in Times Square in the bad old days. Filled with graphic sex drugs and rock and roll (not to mention some other things that will curl your hair) this is walk in the gutter with puppets.

It’s a film that is going to either make you laugh or make you cringe…and sometimes both at the same time. This ain’t for the kiddies nor for almost anyone else for that matter. Well, anyone with any modicum of good taste. If you like bathroom humor tinged with a great deal of cleverness- this film is for you. If you don’t like jokes from the toilet (literally) stay away.

I’m a fan of the film. I’ve been a fan since Jackson’s first film Bad Taste and was an early adopter of this film simply because he had directed it. Admittedly the film isn’t perfect (some of the humor is a bit too base), but it hits more than it misses thanks to the ability of Jackson and crew to sell what could have and should been a one joke idea into something more.

As I said I’m a fan of Peter Jackson. I’ve liked everything he’s done on some level and think that everything he’s done is worth trying—so long as you know what you’re getting into (since the poop jokes here may make you gag). If you want to see how one of the best film makers in the world developed you should give this film a shot. You should also give it a shot if you like really low brow humor done very cleverly

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