Sunday, January 8, 2012

Neutron vs the Maniac (1964)

Fourth Neutron film moves away from the battles from the Dr Caronte films and is far less special.

The plot has a young woman killed while in th company of a blind pianist. Just prior to being murdered (by a man in a black hood) she had tried to hit up her singer sister for cash but was refused because of past lies for money. The woman's sister ends up with Neutron helping her track down her sisters killer. It's a trail that leads to a psychiatric hospital.

A dull follow up to an off the wall but rather exciting series of films. Here the bigger than life nonsense of a real super villain is replaced by a rather bland by the numbers mystery cum super hero story. There is nothing wrong with the film as such, simply that it's not unique or special. This is a story that we've seen before any number of times before in other places, just not with a masked wrestler running around.

You've seen better.

Watch the first three films again and skip this nonsense.

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