Friday, January 20, 2012

Tuesday at the KCS: Rough Cut (2009)

Tuesday is the second of the Korean Cultural Service screenings for 2012. This time out the film is the NYAFF audience favorite Rough Cut.

Rough Cut is the story of an actor who can’t get anyone to work with him because he beats up his co-stars in the fight scenes. When he beats up the last man who’ll work with him, he ends up recruiting the gangster who beat him up in a bar fight the night before. It seems the gangster used to be an actor…

This is less the advertised action film than a buddy film about lost souls trying to find a life in filmmaking. Don’t let that description put you off, it’s a great film. I’ve seen it several times since I saw it at the NYAFF in 2009 and not thinking of it as an action film makes it play way better. I originally wrote the film up for Unseen in April 2010 (the review is here) and I’ve seen it a couple of times since and I find it's better than even what I thought then, improving with each viewing.

Go see the film. As with all the films in the first quartet very much worth the time to go down to Tribeca.

As always doors are at 630 and the film is at 7.

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