Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mr Brooks (2007)

Kevin Costner is a great guy and man of the year sort of fellow who has a dark side-he's a serial killer. On one of the biggest nights of his life Brooks gives in to the voice in his head (played by William Hurt) and begins to kill again. Unfortunately he's spotted by Dane Cook who wants to go out with him on the next kill. Costner hopes there's no next time however circumstance reawakens the old urge and... well thats the movie.

Good little thriller is given a great shot in the arm by the interplay of Costner and Hurt.They are the whole movie and are the reason (a really good reason) to watch this movie.

Though to be fair the film also works because you get a couple of actors, Costner and Dane Cook working against type.

Costner, perennial nice guy, was not and is not the sort of guy you'd expect to be a serial killer. It's the sort of thing that many audiences couldn't accept. I know I've loaned the film to several people who refused to watch it for that reason until I pressed a copy into their hands and told them to watch it.

The same thing goes for Dane Cook, who is best known as a comedian. Almost no one I know could buy him in a serious role. They thought he would be horrible and yet he's not. Actually between this and Dan in Real Life he has proven to be an excellent dramatic actor.

Of course this shouldn't distract from the fact that this is just a really good little thriller.

Worth a look but you may end up like me and wish that Costner and Hurt would link up again in a movie better suited to let them let go. (Actually the film was conceived to be the start of a series- maybe, maybe we'll get another one belatedly.)

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