Tuesday, January 29, 2013

5 Broken Cameras (2011)

Get ready to get pissed off.

This Oscar nominated film follows the course of Palestinian and Israeli relations in and around the town of Bil'in as documented by Emad Burnat and his five cameras which end up broken. It's a film that will really make you angry.

The story starts in 2005 when the Israeli government begins to confiscate the land around Bil'in. At about the same moment Emad gets a camera and welcomes his fourth son. As Emad begins to document the life of  his family and the village, he also documents the protests that arise when the Israelis begin to build a containment fence through the middle of their farm land. As the protests grow in intensity and more and more steps are taken to stop the theft of the land things begin to affect Emand's family.

Excellent documentary is sure to make your blood boil. It's truly amazing that people who should know better can behave so badly. I'm kind of appalled that the Israeli government pretty much sanctions some of the things that go on here. Is it any wonder that the Israeli's are not liked when they continually seize land and be have badly toward the people who are already living on the land they want to turn into settlements.

You'll forgive me for not saying a great deal, I'm kind of too pissed off  not to just scream bad things about the settlers who on one hand to stupid callous things and on the other hand no doubt wonder why they aren't liked.

One of the more important films of this past year has deservedly gotten itself an Oscar nomination for best documentary. Is it the best of the bunch? I can't say, but it is one of the ones that really fires up the emotions.

See this film.

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