Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Key Man (1957)

American reporter working in London gets on the trail of a robbery from several years before. It seems that the person behind a missing twenty thousand pounds may have resurfaced and maybe trying to get his hands on it once more. Bodies begin to pile up…

Good but odd crime drama, probably plays out closer to reality than most similar films, though I’m not sure that it’s better for it. The reason for that is the film floats along for much of its brief running time before starting to pull things together in the final third. Our hero wanders around gathering pieces of information in a seemingly random unconnected and an urgent manner before amping everything up with the appearance of a new character and a sudden sense of real danger. I wish the film had pulled itself together earlier and had run a bit longer in the tense mode because when it clicks this is a super little film.

As it stands now this is a good little time killer that’s fine if you stumble across it but nothing to search out.

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