Wednesday, January 9, 2013

People Against O'Hara (1951)

Film noirish story of recovering alcoholic Spencer Tracy. Once a great attorney he takes the case of a neighbors son who is charged with murder. despite his best efforts to win the case things go against him. However a series of complications arise that put his being on the wagon and his ethics to the test.

A small scale movie that I stumbled upon on TV in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, I was instantly drawn into the film by the moody black and white photography. It also helped that the film seems to have been shot in part on location in New York City with a couple of street scenes seeming not to be process shots.

I like that the film had Tracey doing more than walking through his part. He's a world weary fellow here and you really sense that he just wants to get one right right one more time. For me it pretty much all works with the only the parts with his daughter seeming to be coming in from a different film.

Worth a shot if you run across it on Turner Classics.

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