Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Nightcap 1/27/13 In between

This is an off week with not a lot to talk about. There is so little to talk about that I couldn’t come up with something despite actually wanting to write something up.

I’ve been pulled in a couple different directions concerning tonight’s piece.

The initial idea was to talk about whether the current influx of Asian films into the mainstream was a fad, ala the brief flare up of Romanian films from a few years back, or whether it actually was something that was going to sustain. I know the New York Asian Film festival has been growing nicely, but outside of them and the few other festivals I don’t see Asian films really taking off. I know the interest in genre films will sustain but I don’t know about what will happen to the non-action non-horror films. Sadly the dramas and comedies are going to get lost- the comedies especially since people won’t think they’ll travel well.

However I decided not to talk about that, hell starting in a week we're going to wade into two weeks of Chinese films for Chinese New Year, and kind of wanted to take a break from all of the Asian films I’ve been watching.

I considered just posting some links but that really didn’t float my boat.

I considered some random reviews of films that may not end up reviewed here fully, but either I’ve written the films up, or they just aren’t worth the effort to even mention them ( I mean Laurence Harvey may have started in A Killer Walks but it doesn't mean it's particularly good).

Honestly I couldn’t really come up with anything…hell this week I’m reposting some reviews of Eddie Constantine films. The reviews largely were posted at IMDB and I’ve tweaked them slightly, but I just wasn’t into writing anything… I mean I’m working with bits and pieces into June but for this week coming up I couldn’t come up with anything that thrilled me on any level. (There are some additional reviews- Dear Mandela for example that are worth noting)

Maybe I should say that you can send us any ideas you have for films that we should be reviewing or anything else. Drop us a line at and I’ll see about getting your choices into the cue. I know that over the next couple of weeks I have a whole bunch of suggested titles programmed, so some of you will be seeing stuff you suggested written up.

I think that’s it for this week’s night cap. As I said this week we have some Eddie Constantine films (He really is an actor you need to know about). Next weekend a look two looks at martial arts films which lead into a week of Shaw Brothers movies that start our Chinese New Year celebration. After that it’s a week of other types of films from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. That leads into a week of action films and our third anniversary.

And of course there is going to be a ton of other stuff coming including reports on several film festivals and a bunch of recent releases.

(FYI: FIlm Comment Selects goes on sale to Film Society members Tuesday, the general public Thursday. And titles for this year's New York International Children's Film Festival will be announced Friday)

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