Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Night Cap 1/6/13 Looking Ahead

With 2012 beginning to recede into the past it’s time to look forward at some stuff that’s coming up.

Lincoln Center has several series scheduled over the next couple of months and as always they look wonderful.
First up is the New York Jewish Film Festival. Focusing on films with a Jewish facet the series has slowly become a show case for some truly great films. I’ve got five films I the cue and the only reason I don’t have more is that I am trying to have a life outside of the blog.

After that they are running a retrospective of Australian New Wave flicks including the original Mad Max film. I’m pumped about this because it is full of films I’ve never seen on the big screen including the aforementioned Mad Max.

From there the Film Society is going to have their annual Dance on Film series. While I’m not a big dance fan I am looking forward to this since the series is going to have a collection of Sigur Ros videos and a film on the Accordion Wrestling that played for free at Lincoln Center over this past summer.

There’s even more including the usual late winter treasure trove Film Comment Selects.

Details on these and other goodies can be found here.

Brooklyn Academy of Music’s annual Bam Kids Fest is February 2nd and 3rd this year. This annual series of films and events is geared toward smaller kids but usually shows films that cross over to all ages. Details can be found here.

Sundance. No, no one from Unseen is going however we will be covering it thanks to some screeners and some local Sundance related events.

Cine Kink is an adult film festival that we just learned about. The festival runs February 26th to March 3rd and assuming that we can rearrange our schedules we’ll be there.

The Museum of the Moving Image is going to be running a couple of series that have us chomping at the bit.

First up is a look at some of the film work at the marvelous Paul Williams. Yes The Muppet Movie and Phantom of the Paradise will be screening. Going to this series is a no brainer especially since Williams himself will be in attendance. Details can be found here.

The museum will be screening the first English Language film from Par Chan Wook called the Stoker as a sneak preview. The director will be in the house. Another no brainer. details on the February 26th screening here.
Lastly the museum will be running two martial arts documentaries:

January 21st they are running Black Kung Fu Experience which is about kung fu in the black community. Details here.

February 23 they are Running Pui  Chan: Kung Fu Pioneer about one of the men who brought traditional kung fu to the US. Details here.
Looking past February the New York International Children’s Film Festival (the earliest of my big five must attends) runs through March. Titles should begin to be announced soon. I’m hoping that the festival matches last year’s stellar line up.

And now a couple of links:

Orson Welles and the making of The Trial

Over at Nutshell Reviews Stefan S reviews, and links to the complete film of Books Actually a documentary about an independent bookstore in Singapore. The review and film can be found here. (And if you aren't reading his stuff you should, I discovered him at Asian Cult Cinema and IMDB years ago and I'm better informed about Asian film, and film in general as a result)

That's it for now.

This week we go back to some black and white oldies.

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