Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A sneak peak at the New York International Children's FIlm Festival titles for 2013

(ADDENDUM: TIckets are on sale. Details and links to some trailers and our reviews can be found here.)

Randi stumbled upon the listing of films and show times for this years New York International Children's Film Festival this afternoon. She was searching for something at the Asia Society at Ticket Web and stumbled upon the listing for the films. (If you want the dates and times go to Ticketweb and put in NYICFF and the shows will come up- tickets however are not on sale)

I tried to get confirmation from the Festival via email this afternoon if these were indeed the titles but I didn't get a response. I know the official announcement is due in two days but I think some of you are as curious as I am so with the proviso that this list may not be right I give the list for this years NYICFF

Ernest and Celestine (opening night)

The Day for Crows

Rompe Ralph

Hey Krishna 3D

Welcome to the Space Show (This played the festival two years ago)

Starry Starry Night (I think this maybe a good Japanese film that played the NYAFF last year)


Wolf Children

Zarafra (This played Rendezvous with French Cinema last year and was great fun)

The Painting (One of last years best films returns )

Approved for Adoption (animated film about a Korean adopter)

Kiriku and the Men and the Women 3D (third film in the series)

Up on Poppy Hill (The latest Ghibli film and is a charmer)


Flicker Alley

Shorts 1 &2

Shorts for Tots 1&2

Heebie Jeebies

Girls POV

I'm mixed on this years films only in that I've seen a large number of them. I'll post links to the reviews we've run once everything is officially announced)

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