Sunday, January 6, 2013

Coweb (2009) (aka Combat Web)

Female martial arts teacher is hired by an old friend to act as a bodyguard for his boss. When the unthinkable happens and he is kidnapped, she finds that she has to fight a series of martial artists in order to get him back. What she is unaware of is that her battles are being filmed and bet on by a combat website.

One of several recent martial arts films released recently in Asia with a female lead. In the video store that I frequent this was touted less highly then a film called Raging Phoenix, which I was assured was the next big thing, To me Phoenix was a bust, this supposedly "lesser" film however greatly impressed me.

I'll tell you straight the plot isn't very good. Its merely the excuse for the action sequences. The action sequences on the other hand are great. They are fast moving and realistic. They lift what would be a merely mediocre film into the realm of the solidly good.

If you want a film with a number of dynamite action sequences this is the place to start.

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