Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Goon (2011)

Released early in 2012 after some festival screenings in 2011, this is the story of Seann William Scott's Doug Glatt. He's a not particularly brainy guy, who is good at fighting. Finding his way on to a low level  hockey team he gets moved to one level below the big leagues when a team needs some one to protect a player with a multi-million dollar prospect.

Sweet lovable, with a heart of gold Scott's Glatt is one of the most charming characters I ran across in 2012. Here's a guy who's good at violence, but really just wants to be liked.  He wants to be liked by his team mates, by his family and especially Eva, the local girl who takes his heart.  Amazingly despite the fact she has a boyfriend he agrees to keep his distance.

Not so much a hockey film as a character study, this is a neat little film full of charming characters who manage to over come what is essentially a cliche filled plot line.Will Glatt make good? Will he win the girl? What of the banished superstar? And will he fight the most notorious goon in the league? DO you really have to ask? You know what's going to happen but the entire cast sells their characters with such great skill that you'll want to revisit them again if you get the chance...hell I went on Amazon to track down a copy of the DVD.

One of the small pleasures of 2012.

(one word of warning the fighting in the film is bloody)

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