Wednesday, May 29, 2024

ATIKAMEKW SUNS (2024) Brooklyn 2024 Opens the Brooklyn Film Festival Friday Night

A look at what happened before and after the events in 1977 when police found five Atikamekws dead in a car. Until recently no one knew exactly what happened. The film is told via members of the families of the deceased.

Unique film is a mix of docudrama and poetry put together by people connected to the true crime tale in such a special way that it doesn't feel like a true crime tale.

Told as if it was just the story of the lives of various characters, ATIKAMEKW SUNS sucks us in and takes us along. moving at it's own pace it moves us from now back almost half a century when these events actually played out. It's a film that gives us something more important than the story of events, instead it gives us a look at the lives of the people who lived it.

It took me a few minutes to click with what the film was doing, but once it did I found myself in the middle of a truly special film. It's a film that gives us deeper and richer story than if this was just a straight up documentary.

Recommended, especially if you want a film that does something more special than your typical true crime or Hollywood film.

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