Thursday, May 30, 2024

In A Violent Nature (2024)

I'm trying to work out how a film called IN A VIOLENT NATURE can be so incredibly dull, but it is. This 95 minute snooze fest is essentially every slasher film cliche played more or less straight as we follow a resurrected psychopath on a killing spree as he wanders through the countryside occasionally killing the odd person. 

Basically this is like a Friday the 13th film where we follow Jason the entire time (more or less). There is no music, just the sounds we hear as the killer wanders about. It's a lot of walking punctuated by some dialog and some killings. That's it.

Slightly better than torture porn in that it isn't endless violence, it's still little more than a collection of kills and dialog sequences that intentionally reflect the cliched nature of the slasher genre.

I'm not a fan of most slasher films, but I may have to rethink that stance simply because I have never seen another film in the subgenre as dull and boring as this. Nothing much happens that is really interesting and if it was of interest it's so isolated in this boring burger that you'll be asleep when it happens. (It took me three tries to see this to the end with out nodding off.)

Even as a send up this film is a dull.

I can't recommend this to anyone except those needing sleep.

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