Monday, May 20, 2024

The Other Way Around (2024) Cannes 2024

A couple going through a rough patch decide that that they will have a party to celebrate their up coming separation. This sends shock waves through their friends, family and themselves

This is a good comedy drama that entertained me while it was on but didn’t stick when it was done.  That’s not a fault of the film more that I was seeing it in the crush of Cannes coverage. This is the sort of film that I frequently encounter at festivals where I do heavy coverage (Cannes, Tribeca, NYFF, Fantasia) where they are small delicate gems that get overwhelmed by the crush of films being seen around them.  They are films that you see and enjoy but which you need to see away from everyone and everything.

It’s a good enough film (and contains a killer performance from Itsaso Arana that made me notice her for the first time)  that I look forward to seeing the film again when I can really see the film for itself.

My refusing to do a proper review aside I recommend THE OTHER WAY AROUND  because it will entertain.

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