Monday, May 13, 2024

Brief thoughts on Expend4bles (2024)


Painfully awful final film in the series that seem to have been made for money rather than love.

Coming ten years after the last entry it shows all the signs of the strife that filled the last decade. Nothing in the film really works and it feels cobbled together. Are the established stars are there to allow the younger ones to get some sort of credibility? I don't know but no one should have been in thi film.

While I could forgive the poor plotting (it has something to do with stopping a World War) if the action was good, but it's not, with the sequences not having any snap. Everyone is walking through their moves. Worse the shoot outs have no sense of anyone being in the same place with all the stars seemingly being alone in their battles. Was any one on the same sound stage at the same time?

It all comes off as dull, which is what no action film should be.

This was a waste of my evening. Most damning it would have been the rare action my father turned off if he encountered it on cable

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