Sunday, May 26, 2024


Portrait of American Maggie Doyne, who took a gap year and went to Nepal. She ended up staying and helped to set up a children's home. She eventually she ended up raising her her own family and changing so many lives that she was CNN's Hero of the Year.

This is a good, if by the numbers, tale of a woman who went for a trip that literally changed her life for the better. 

While the way the film is told comes off as something we've seen before, the story is not. Odds are most of us have of heard of Doyne or know what she and he partner has done. I find it amazing that she has managed to nurture dozens of children when most people can't even nurture one.  I was impressed.

While this is mostly a hopeful tale, there is a tragedy in this story that is quite horrifying involving an accident and her youngest charge. I mention this because it may disturb some people.

Ultimately this is a solid and hopeful tale worth your time.

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