Wednesday, May 29, 2024

THERE IS STILL TOMORROW (2023) Open Roads 2024

Set just after the Second World War an abused woman finds strength in the up coming elections which will allow women to vote for the first time in Italian history.

A sensation when it played in Italy, I can see the same thing happening here in the US. The story of a woman finding her strength and finding she doesn’t have to kowtow to the men in her life is a story for our time, especially since the far right wants to take away the hard fought rights of women across the globe. This is a wonderful film about standing up. By the time the end came I found myself misting up.

Shot with a hard edged playfulness the film is designed to provoke a reaction. We instantly fall in love with Delia and side with her.  We want her to do better than where she is. Director Paola Cortellesi masterfully constructs everything in such away that the film becomes a moving hymn to the strength of women everywhere. I can only imagine what she would do if turned loose in Hollywood and allowed to do with a big budget crowd pleaser.

This is a great film. It’s a film that is going to move you.


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