Thursday, April 22, 2010

Buried Land(2010) Or Tribeca Day 1 (with a mention of Road, Show)

Tonight I went to what is being billed as the World Premiere of Buried Land at the Tribeca Film Festival. This was the first time at the film festival for me, and all I can say its already been an interesting Festival.

There will be a full Tribeca post coming up, as will posts of any of the good films that I see at the festival.

Regrettably Buried Land will never see a fuller post here at Unseen Films beyond the few words of warning I'm going to impart.

This is a film that concerns a film crew going to make a documentary about possible pyramids in a small town in Bosnia. Its a mix of fact and fiction. It has a good opening three minutes and a good closing three minutes. In between there 81 minutes of pretentious tediousness. Its a film that will try your patience. I'm still trying to figure out why I stayed to the end, on the other hand I was the first out the door when the credits rolled.

This blog is suppose to be about good films so I won't waste your time any more other than to say this film isn't worth your time or money.

Look for a review of Road, Movie, after the festival. It's a film from India about a man driving a portable cinema for a friend. Its utterly charming. Its on Pay Per View during the festival and worth your time seeing it.

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