Monday, April 19, 2010

Outpost (2008)

(Wednesday would have been my mom's 66th birthday. By way of celebrating the day I'm doing a week of films that would have tickled her to death -- every film this week is a horror film. Even the "matinee day" on Wednesday, which I normally try to mix things up each week is also a horror related title -though thats actually a documentary. So in honor of one hell of a "broad", I now share with you a week of films I never got to share with her)

A group of mercenaries are hired to take a man into a warn torn part of the Eastern Europe where his bosses have acquired some property. Their job is keep him safe while he checks out the property (a bunker) which lies between the army and a rebel force. Unfortunately they haven't counted on what is actually in the bunker and is dead set on killing everyone of them.

Add this to the group of similar films like The Bunker or The Trench where dead things lurk and hunt the living. Its yet another one of the small but growing sub horror genre of military horror. Even though this is similar to other films I need to state very clearly that this is a good little film. Its a creepy movie that operates in its own little world, and where that doesn't always work for other films, here its just helps amp up the tension. Once the film starts going, it takes almost half the film before its set up, the film becomes a creepy ride to the end. (I'm being intentionally lacking in details since what happens isn't what you think or expect and I don't want to give you any clues as to what really is going on)

Its a perfect popcorn movie that's worth a rental or picking up, as I did, in a bargain bin. Frankly its one of the few films I've seen recently that I would gladly watch again and will tell people about.


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