Monday, April 26, 2010

Notes from my Tribeca weekend

Only one screening over the weekend, The Korean film Possession. I won't say much beyond its the best of the eight films I've seen from the festival. Its a very creepy horror film that is also about faith. A full review will be coming when I find the head space to write up the film.

When I wasn't traveling back and forth to the Village East Cinema I was sitting in front of the TV watching more films on pay per view. I saw The Infidel with Omid Djalili (who I saw on the red carpet); Sex & Drugs& Rock & Roll the Ian Dury Bio with Andy Sirkis; and Metropia a dystopian animated film about a man manipulated into helping over throw an evil corporation and their shampoo. I'm not sure which, if any will end up here, but all are "good" films worth a look.

I should probably add that I watched The Trotsky a second time (thanks to a free re-view and a need to see something less disturbing when I got home after the Possession screening) and I'm considering giving that a piece here since it improved with a second viewing. Road, Movie also got a second (and third) viewing

That's it for now. I'm off to three or four screenings today.

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