Friday, April 30, 2010

Jean-Pierre Jeunet is a blast- Tribeca Day 6

Jean-Pierre Jeunet reminded me why film festivals are fun. He was very funny before and after his film Micmacs. he simply was charming and funny and all of that. I wish his movie was better.

I saw two films today.

Feathered Cocaine was a world premiere about falcon smuggling into the Middle East. The birds can fetch millions of dollars each. Unfortunately they only last about a month's time in the desert. The "falcon" camps that are the time when Arab men get together to hunt with the birds are also time when a great deal of business, including terroristic business is done. Of course no one is doing anything about it. The film is good, but really needs to be a bit tighter. The first half when we meet Alan Parrot who is trying to stop the trafficking is a bit too rambling while the second half has too much information.

Micmacs is the new film from Jean-Pierre Jeunet. It's about a man who is accidentally shot in the head, has his world fall apart only to be adopted by "snow white and the seven dwarfs" before he decides to get revenge on the arms manufacturer who made the bullet that's lodged in his head and the mine that killed his dad. Its a visually amazing film that is rather flat. Yes its got laughs, great characters and amusing moments. But it doesn't add up to much. Jeunet said he loves to watch the last ten minutes with an audience. Why? The film provoked no reaction, or rather what was my and a couple of people walking outs feeling of "that's it?" Its fun to a point but as a movie unto itself it wasn't worth the effort.

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