Monday, April 26, 2010

Antique (2008)

This was one of the finds of last years NYAFF. Even though I didn't see it at the festival it was a film that I picked up on DVD, with the result that I've seen this film numerous times in the last year. Its not the best film I've ever seen, but its a film that puts a huge smile on my face.

This Korean film is based on Fumi Yoshinaga's comic called Antique Bakery which was the basis for Japanese TV series and an upcoming animated series. It concerns a man who can't stand cake who opens a bakeshop; his chef who went to high school with him and who is love with his boss; the son of the owners former house keeper; and a young man who answers the help wanted sign and is training to be a chef. How the quartet interact and how they build their business is the story.

And what a story it is. It mixes comedy, drama romance, food (lots of food-let's face it this is food porn) and musical numbers all together into a frothy confection that makes you feel good and smile from ear to ear. I've seen the film I don't know how many times and I find myself smiling every time thanks to the interaction of characters.

You like the four men and you care deeply about them, they are just a group of wonderful guys that you'll want to hang out with. Their chatter between each other is witty and on target and you can't help but enjoy watching them go through their paces. Yes, several of the characters are gay but don't let that stop you since the film is all about the people and not the sexual orientation.If you re-jiggered it to a heterosexual grouping it would still work.

I want to recommend this film simply because I really like it a great deal and because it makes me smile. High art its not. Heart warming and laugh inducing it is. As they say in the film "How can anyone be unhappy when they are eating cake?" This film is the cinematic equivalent of cake and will make you happy.

Its out on DVD.

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