Saturday, April 17, 2010

Notes: The Good, The Bad The Eden

Just a couple of notes about some general stuff and problems.

First up the bad stuff

My main computer is locking up when I'm accessing the comments. Its my computer which needs updating (which should be shortly). People are starting to read the blog and comment which makes me feel good. Unfortunately I'm having trouble replying. Please bear with me. I'm not ignoring you, I'm just hampered by what I'm working with. I'll get there I just have to use one of the other computers in the house. (I've also screwed up when I've revised a couple of posts recently so the corrections didn't take- I think I've fixed the problems)

Okay the good stuff.

As you can see in the side bar there are numerous contributors listed but for the most part most of the reviews have been mine. Yes, Eden (more on her in a minute) has been contributing regularly but there hasn't been a great deal of activity from anyone else. That's about to change. I've finally gotten some of my cohorts to get up off the couch and dive in. The first of the new people will be taking over next weekend for a double feature of films from the artist Dave McKean.

Now about Eden.

One of the joys of starting this blog was that I could ask a good number of people who I like, and who's writing I really like to help me out and to write up a film or two. As I said to Eden last weekend I'm not getting paid money for doing this blog, I'm getting paid by the chance to get to read new work by writers I like. Eden's writing is something I really like.

Eden is the chief cook and bottle washer over at the Comicsgirl website and she's a contributor at Geek Girl on the Street. If you like comics you should be reading her stuff, particularly her Comicsgirl material which is sterling. I suggest you start with her Revisiting the Sandman series which was the first of too many re-visits by comic fans of the comic series for its 20th anniversary. Its one of the best pieces on comics on a personal level I've read.

LinkWhat I like about Eden is that her writing is, no matter what she is writing about, always personal. There is a real emotion that comes through, and a real connection with the writer herself. If you have read her pieces here on Unseen Films I'm sure you've seen that. She's a person who writes from the heart, who gives her opinion based upon what she feels.

What sets her apart is that while she tells you how she feels she also has this bank of knowledge that is operating behind the words; its very evident in her comic writing and its something that comes through in her film writing as well. Its not just emotion, there's more. If she likes something she can tell you why. Look at her piece on the Heavenly Kings. Yes, she tells you why she likes the film, but she also lets you know that she knows what else is going on beyond a good time laughing at boy bands.

Eden is one of my favorite writers, period. The fact that she agreed to do some writing for me really amazed me. I'm sure if you read enough of her writing you'll become a fan too.

As with all of the contributors you'll find all her posts listed under a label that says EDEN in the side bar.