Friday, April 23, 2010

I Sell the Dead (2009)

A grave robber is sitting in his cell awaiting execution when he is visited by a monk wishing to take down his last words for posterity. He hopes to use them as a warning to others about the horrible life he lead. At first reluctant, but with his tongue loosened up by drink the young grave robber is soon telling his story which is full of the dead, the undead and things that go bump in the night.

New York lensed horror film (filmed in part on Staten Island which no doubt brought the spirit of Andy Milligan lurking about) is one of the better horror comedies to come around in a while. This is an often very funny film that just spins its story out in every which way. There was no way to know where this was going to go at the start and even at the end one can't really believe its wandered all over the places it has.

The cast is first rate. Dominic Monaghan plays Arthur Blake the grave robber telling his story. Ron Perlman is Father Duffy the monk taking the statement and who is perhaps getting too involved in the tale. Both men are clearly having a grand old time and it shows. The rest of the cast is equally as good. They would have to be in order to sell the nonsense of this film as well as they do.

The music by Jeff Grace is excellent. The effects are perfect for this sort of ghoulish silliness.

The film is a great deal of fun. If there is any trouble with the film its that perhaps it throws its net a little wide so as the result has way too much going on. I don't want to give too much away but I don't think we needed the alien body in the mix.

Still this is a great deal of fun and its one I'm pretty sure I will revisit since I just picked up a copy on DVD to add to my collection.

Worth a look or two because bits do play better the second time through.

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