Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Brain Donors (1992)

To me, and many people I know, Brain Donors is one of the funniest movies ever made. It’s the sort of movie that makes one hurt with laughter and get to a point where you stop breathing and turn blue. I’m not going to guarantee that this will happen to you, but if you are inclined toward Marx Brothers like humor you stand a good chance of finding this this the funniest film since the Brothers Marx stopped making movies.

Actually at this point I’m going to divide the readership. If you don’t like the Marx Brothers, especially at their most manic then stop reading and come back tomorrow because the film is not for you. I say this because Brain Donors is modern update of the Marx Brothers with John Tuturro playing Groucho, Mel Smith playing Chico and the under appreciated Bob Nelson as a talking Harpo (and to make things even more Marxist Nancy Marchand plays Margret Dumont). If you like the Marxes keep reading.

The plot of the film is a riff on Night at the Opera with (literal) ambulance chaser Hugo T Flakfizer (Tuturro) put in charge of a Los Angeles Ballet company. Along the way he ends up hooking up with Mel Smith as a gambling cab driver and Bob Nelson as an idiot. They of course get thrown out of the company, however once the night of the grand gala happens the boys wade in and cause total havoc (its at this point breathing becomes optional).

Its cleverly done stupid funny (or is that stupid but funny?). It's word play and slapstick and lord knows what else all mixed together. Its the sort of film that they don't make any more, and even then only did when the Marx Brothers did it.

This is the sort of film that if you think about, and I've been doing that a great deal as I write this film up, you realize just how dumb it sounds. On the other hand if you watch the film, and you're down among the clowns, the dumbness falls away in in gales of laughter.

Make yourself feel good and see this film.

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