Tuesday, June 15, 2010

NYAFF 2010/ Japan Cuts- The dance card is set

Ten days until the New York Asian Film Festival starts and I'm set. As it stands now I'm seeing 24 films at screenings that are part of the festival and one more that's part of the sister festival Japan Cuts. I don't think I can physically attend any more films. I also have an additional 17 films on DVD that are part of the two festivals making a total of 42 films.

The only thing left for me is to see if anyone of my friends at work who expressed an interest actually step up and pick up tickets so they can join me for some of the madness.

The NYAFF website has been updated and their twitter account is stirring the pot and letting people know whats selling fastest. If you're interested in going you should probably act sooner than later (They say the first screening of Ip Man 2 has sold out and several others are rapidly running out of seats).

This will probably be my last mention of the festival until it starts. In the next ten days I'm going to get this site set for my time away. I'm also going to continue to watch the films I have on DVD so I can give you some idea what you might want to see.

I'm psyched. Hopefully this will be a real blast.

Screenings: Eastern Condors; Echoes of the Rainbow; Storm Warriors; Bodyguards and Assassins; Development Hell; Sophie's Revenge; 8000 Miles; 8000 Miles 2; Tian An Men; Annyong Yumika; Live Tape; Sawako Decides; Confessions; Little Pond; Secret Reunion; Alien vs Ninja; Mutant Girl Squad; Boys on the Run; Red Cliff; Gallants; Golden Slumber; Symbol; Doman Seman; Blade of Blood; Zero Focus.

DVD: Ip Man; Ip Man 2; Kung Fu Chefs; Raging Phoenix; Chaw; Actresses; Little Big Soldier; Castaway on the Moon; Merantau; Crying out Love in the Center of the World; Dear Doctor; Memories of Matsuko; Nightmare Detective 2; Million Yen Girl; Villon's Wife; Scandal Makers; Yatterman

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