Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mary and Max (2009)

Its been weeks since I first saw Mary and Max and I find I've been deeply affected by the film.

Its the story of a little girl who needs to know somethings about America because her friends are telling her all sorts of stories so she writes a letter to a random person in America only to connect with an sweet man with some decided peculiar ways (he's an over weight agoraphobic New Yorker). What happens after that is a series of ups and downs that happen over the course of 20 years.

A unique film its possibly the best animated film from 2009, and its one of the best films of the year. Rarely has a film left me so emotionally moved, certainly there are even fewer that have made me feel this way many days after the fact. I feel as though I'm carrying the characters and emotions around inside me (hell I am the characters)

And in a way I'm at a loss for words. A beautifully animated film with dialog that is witty and wise and wonderful, this is a marvelously made film from the director of Harvey Krumpet.

However its the characters where it shines. All of the characters, even if they are somewhat cliché, are painfully real. We know someone like everyone of them. Your heart goes out to them and is carried by them because they are so real. Its the characters we remember and we return to and who carry the film even as the second half gets messy (it simply is trying to cover too much time and territory in a short amount of time).

A masterpiece.

This film was just released on DVD

(Just remember that just because its animated doesn't mean its for kids, its not)

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