Monday, June 14, 2010

Mago (2002) aka Naked Paradise

This week is series of films are best described as WTF or "What the F---" was that. These are strange films that force the viewer to really work with them. They are in their ways mind benders. For the most part I like all of them for a variety of reasons, including the simple reason that they challenge our expecations to the point you will ask your self "what the f&*% was that?" All are on some level good, though todays film Mago, probably isn't. With that in mind on to a week of films for the truly adventurous.

Today's film is only for the truly truly adventurous. Its so off the beaten trail as to be in another universe. Its best described as Holy Mountain meets Koyanisquatsi meets Salvador Dali meets Greenpeace

Pretentious, vulgar, unbelievable, mind numbing, mind blowing. One of the biggest "HUH?" movies ever made.

I want the drugs these people were on.

Its a creation myth wrapped in an eco-rant. Its watching naked women run around while being abused for our behavior. Its gore and beauty.Its either a complete mess or brilliant meditation, and I have no idea which.

Its a film you can't really describe except by saying its the combination listed at the start of this review. If you don't know what each of those things are then you probably will despise this film. Then again even if you do know what they are you will despise this film. Let me propose a litmus test, if you can stand to watch the opening massacre of frogs by feet, wheels and tank treads, then perhaps this movie is for you. If you can't survive the first couple of minutes then either flee the theater or take the DVD back to where you got it. It just gets weirder from there (somehow this is a spiritual exercise)

Personally I was alternately loving and laughing at this movie. Some of it is really good, much of it is pretentious twaddle. How this film has managed to escape South Korea is a wonder since the audience for this film has to be tiny.

This is a movie for the most adventurous or stoned movie goers only. The more you are either of those things then the more you're likely to make it through this film with out laughing or walking out.

I picked this up over the internet, I believe from Asian Cult Cinema.

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